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Designing And Operating Sustainable Logistics Fleets

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Designing and Operating Sustainable Logistics Fleets

Another research stream of the GC Lab involves providing decision support for the design and operation of sustainable logistics vehicle fleets, for example based on electric or alternative-fuel vehicles. Analytics methods are used to answer questions of where recharging (refuelling) stations should be located to optimally support the fleet and how vehicles should be routed—so, in which sequence customers are visited and at which location and at what time recharging (refuelling) operations should take place.


“Routing electric vehicles with a single recharge per route”

Michael Schneider
with M. Löffler, G. Desaulniers and S. Irnich

Forthcoming in: Networks.


“Intra-route resource replenishment with mobile depots”

Michael Schneider
with J. Hof

Forthcoming in: Transportation Science.


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